The mansfield Gemini client is available for a variety of platforms. If you download and run the client, we will help you create your own free account (Gemini accounts are based on cryptographically random identifiers - not any username, password, or email address.) We're still developing this client, so there might be bumps along the way. With that in mind, we'd appreciate any feedback you're willing to share. Feel free to drop us an email.
Recorded Demo - Getting Started

The following video shows:
  1. Downloading and running the client
  2. Pressing 'Ctrl-n' to create an account (including the default index.gem page)
  3. Cleaning up the default page with 'Ctrl-d' to delete whole lines
  4. Writing out some simple content for the new page
  5. Writing the page to the server with 'Ctrl-e'
  6. Showing the HTTP link to the just-created page
(Playback in fullscreen (press 'f' after clicking) or you won't see the whole recording.)